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Welcome to Wiki Support. This space contains getting started guides and some frequently asked questions.


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Wiki Service News
Wiki service 'soft' launch
The wiki service is brought to you by the Collaborative Tools Project a team effort involving staff from numerous departments, which this week endorsed a decision to approve the "soft" launch of the wiki service with the following wording. That it is open for anyone to use and that there is a commitment to maintaining the service and its content from here on, but that visibility should be kept low for a little longer as changes are likely and support materials are still thin. That is,…
Introducing the York Wiki
Welcome to the University of York's Wiki service.  A wiki is a collection of pages that everyone can edit. You can use a wiki to create documentation, develop content or share notes.  The Wiki is centrally managed by IT Services and is a live service, which means regular backups are taken and the service will remain online unless otherwise notified. Any member of staff can login to the Wiki at and any member of staff can create a Space,…


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  1. Unknown User (apbl500)

    (Previously added in the content)

    wiki team - see short tutorial videos and docs at

  2. Unknown User (apbl500)

    Tinkering again.. Changed to using pagetree macro to show a hierarchy of links instead of too many colourful panels. That way we can easily reorder pages as they're created (using the nifty "reorder pages" link at the bottom of each page next to "Child Pages"). Also the blog posts catch the eye more. Feel free to revert... :)

    1. I think that the title in the panels makes it clear what is in each section. For me the tree makes it harder to home in on what might be helpful.

      1. Unknown User (apbl500)

        I have reverted...

  3. Unknown User (apbl500)

    I have made Confluence's own navigation bar grey like the top banner. This was very easy to do and can be reverted with one setting.

    I think this is cleaner look for demo-ing. Later the Web Office can design us a banner that does the same job but better.

    Hope you don't mind me just doing these changes. Again I'll happily revert it if you wish.

  4. Anonymous

    Testing anonymous comment with captcha.