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  • Hunter-gatherers and contemporary homelessness
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This page is a collaboration between Unknown User (ph618) and Rachael Kiddey. This is the space in which we are working on a potential article for Antiquity on conceptual links between Rachael's project and archaeological/anthropological understandings of hunter-gatherer lifeways.


Rachael wanted to connect the project with archaeological material and methods: partly as a tactical decision to help convince sceptics of the archaeological value of her project, partly to understand the value of those links in their own right.

Patrick was just fascinated by the project and wanted to tag along and help out if he could.



Build links between the conceptual approaches to the work and the frameworks and ideas used in Mesolithic studies. It's important to avoid making simplistic (and invalid) empirical links:
homeless people's sites often look a bit like X
Mesolithic sites often look a bit like Y
Y looks like X
Therefore Mesolithic people and homeless people live similarly. Innit.

Possibly look at a combination of etic and emic understanding of homeless lifeways and assess links between these and the lives of (particularly high-latitude) hunter-gatherers.

  • Etic categories would include:
    Settlement patterning - not necessarily the details of the patterns but the hints that such patterns exist (important to remember scales of analysis city/valley, year, lifetime)

The causes for this patterning may have similar patterning! Safety, visibility, resources etc. (try not to sound too Maslowian!)

  • Emic categories would include:
    The possibility that many homeless people's rejection of regimented, mainstream life leads to a mind set that has similarities to those of a hunter-gatherer. For example differences in the perception of time, self, property, safety, others, requirements.

References and resources

Novels and narratives:


Other stuff

Paul Croft's Star Crack Powerpoint and the notes

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  1. Unknown User (rk649)

    This is a great start Pat. Thank you. You are definitely more than tagging along! How do I upload papers? And how can I add some thoughts? Or should I just do that here in comments? Once we've got the technology sorted, we'll be set!