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  • The Prehistory Museum of Vassieux en Vercors
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Musée de la Préhistoire de Vassieux en Vercors

The Prehistory Museum of Vassieux en Vercors



Site based prehistory museum


Specialist interpretation and experimental activities

Basic information

This new museum (built 2008) is based in a national park and contains an exposed excavation of a Neolithic 'flint factory'. Attached are galleries covering the geology of the area (one wall), the Middle Palaeolithic (one Room), Upper Palaeolithic (one room), Mesolithic (one room) and Neolithic (two rooms).
In addition there is a demonstration room and experimental archaeology workshops are offered.

Mesolithic collections

The museum does not seem to house a 'behind-the-scenes' collection of artefacts from any period.

Mesolithic presentation

The presentation generally appears to be very well designed and modern. The Mesolithic is presented as a proportionate but crucial part of the prehistoric sequence with artefacts, illustrations and information boards.
The setting of the museum in a national park makes it easy to help visitors think about environmental issues and living in the 'wilderness'

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