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  1. PhD Handbook - Change of Plan?

    Leave of absence A leave of absence allows you to take an authorised break of a month or more from your studies. You may apply for a leave of absence … progression or final submission deadlines. Any student can apply for a leave of absence. It can be a good solution for a research student who genuinely finds
  2. UG Handbook - Change your plan

    are considering transferring, you should speak to your supervisor as soon as possible. Leave of absence A leave of absence allows a student to take an authorised break … . For more information on this, please see the University pages on leave of absence
  3. UG FAQs - Personal Issues

    time off, what do I do? In certain circumstances, it is possible to apply for an extended leave of absence (LOA). This is for a maximum period of one year. Should you need to consider this, please begin by discussing with your personal supervisor. For more information on this, please see the University pages on leave
  4. UG Handbook - Attendance

    the approval of Special Cases Committee. See the information on taking a Leave of Absence in the ‘Change Your Plan’ section of ‘Your Course’. If you stop turning up … at which teaching or other academic engagements have been arranged for your programme (including Saturdays). Absence If you must be absent, you must consult your
  5. PhD Handbook - Suspensions and Extensions

    If you are facing significant personal problems that are disrupting your ability to study (in the first three years after registration), you may wish to apply for Suspension of Registration (sometimes called Leave of Absence). This stops the ‘clock’ ticking towards your final submission deadline. You can apply
  6. MSc Handbook - Absence from the University

    supervisor can give you permission to be absent for up to one week if there is a good reason. Longer absences must be approved by the Board of Studies (up to four weeks … A medical certificate from the student's GP (doctor) is still required if: The period of absence through illness extends beyond 7 consecutive days the student
  7. PhD Handbook - Progression meetings

    from the TAP the advisor should leave the room and the remaining TAP members and the progression panel chair should carry out an evaluation of the student’s … in a row must leave the course. Students who leave before one year will receive no academic qualification. Students who leave between 21 and 24 months may
  8. BSc Projects Schedule 2019-20

    Summer Term: Year 3 Deadlines & Dates Deadline: Submission of completed project report Week 8 Leaving Day: Project presentations (optional 10minute oral presentation
  9. 2017PlanningY3Talk.pdf

    Term 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Projects Exams Leaving Day!!!!! Graduation!!!!!!!!!!! 7 MPsych: Autumn Term Year 3 •  No project •  Only one advanced module Year 3
  10. UG Handbook - Summer term Weeks 8-10

    , and in Year 2 they will also be used in preparing for third year study, including preliminary work on Literature Surveys. In Year 3, there will be a Leaving Day