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  • Self-certification and Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment

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  • Students will be able to self-certify to obtain a short extension to open coursework assessments.
  • Extensions obtained through self-certification will be for four days 
  • Students may only self-certify up to the submission deadline. Self-certified extensions can not be requested after the deadline has passed. 
  • If an extension of four working days is not sufficient to cover the circumstances, an Exceptional Circumstances claim should be submitted. A student may submit an Exceptional Circumstances claim even if they have applied for self certification. Exceptional Circumstances claims will need to be evidenced. 
  • An individual assessment task may only have one self-certified extension. If a further extension is required, the student will need to submit an Exceptional Circumstances claim. 


How do I apply for self-certification?

To apply for an extension on coursework or a deferral on exams using self-certification, please complete the relevant section on evision.

Exceptional Circumstances