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Psychology has been an early adopter in the comprehensive provision of a Virtual Learning Environment. Since , since the provision of Blackboard we have aimed to provide a complete coverage of all our teaching activities and encourage the use of all the facilities and tools available. We envisage the VLE as key to supporting the teaching and the student experience within the department. All items relating to teaching are expected to provided via the VLE and to in an integrated manner, eg lecture recordings (Replay) and Reading Lists.  The VLE will provide an archive for students to access during their whole course (for example 3rd years students can access their first year resources). 


  • an overview
  • staff information
  • detailed session (lectures, workshops, practicals, seminars, tutorials) information (see below)
  • Assessment and feedback information
  • integrated access to the reading list
  • Replay (lecture recording) links
  • Discussion forum


  • Staff are expected to provide learning materials (for example ppt, pdf, videos, etc) in advance of their sessions and be engaged with and responsive to the discussion forums.
  • Students re expected to use comsult consult the VLE before each sesion session to obtain an overview of the material, aims and objectives and any learning resources pertinent to the session (eg handouts). After the session the students can explore supplementary resources such as extra articles, screencasts, links to external resources such as  papers, slides, websites, TV/media.  Students will also be expected to access the session recordings where available for revision and clarification. We encourage our students to engage with the discussion forum to ask and answer questions and discuss any topics of interest.