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  • an overview
  • staff information
  • detailed session (lectures, workshops, practicals, seminars, tutorials) information (see below)
  • Assessment and feedback information
  • integrated Integrated access to the reading list
  • Replay (lecture recording) links
  • Discussion forum


  • description of the content, aims and objectives
  • powerpoint slides or equivalent from the session
  • reading lists information
  • extra resources, papers, pdf etc
  • links to extra materials where appropriate, pdfs, external links, screencasts, multimedia (Youtube) etc 

Optional Module tools

Staff are encouraged to use the range of tool available from the VLE such as formative quizes in support of their teaching.  The E-learning team are always willing and available to discuss potential uses and benefits and offer guidance on best practice when engaging with these facilities.


  • Staff are expected to provide learning materials (for example ppt, pdf, videos) in advance of their sessions and be engaged with and responsive to the discussion forums.
  • Students re expected to use consult the VLE before each session to obtain an overview of the material, aims and objectives and any learning resources pertinent to the session (eg handouts). After the session the students can explore supplementary resources such as extra articles, screencasts, links to external resources such as  papers, slides, websites, TV/media.  Students will also be expected to access the session recordings where available for revision and clarification. We encourage our students to engage with the discussion forum to ask and answer questions and discuss any topics of interest.



We aim to make sure all our materials are accessible by all students.  We have adopted a number of good practices to aid this (and general provision) as listed below (see for extra guidance)

  • Advance provision of lecture and seminar materials via the VLE allows all students to prepare and is essential for students with some disabilities.
  • All our undergraduate assessed coursework is via online submission.
  • Where available we encourage staff to provide links or references to digitised versions (pdfs) of texts and textbooks
  • All our teaching sessions are recorded and provided with the teaching materials. 
  • Each module has an online forum, monitored by the teaching staff
  • Our sites are based around the same template and should provide a clear and consistent navigational structure.
  • Clear and unambiguous text on pages
  • Clear and meaningful names for hyper inks to resources and uploaded files
  • Addition descriptive information (either textual or soundtrack) for visual resources (images, graphs, videos etc)


The department takes accessibility issues seriously and we are always keen to improve and solve any outstanding problems that maybe encountered.  If students do have specific requests and or issues accessing materials or require further support they should contact ################ (PAUL - DO WE we want this to be a central person - like Louise or Academic staff member/role or the INFORMATION PROVIDER ?) to discuss what can be provided to aid learning.