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Instructions for accessing Viking from Linux, Windows and MACs are here: Accessing YARCCViking.

The login servers are to be used for program/application development, testing and job submission only. You can run your programs on the login nodes but not for long periods of time (> 10 minutes) - this is what the cluster is for!


This is not optional, running your jobs from your home directory will result in your jobs being killed when started by the grid engine.scheduler.  (N.B your home directory may not look exactly like this but you should have a folder called scratch)

Code Block
titleYour directory in /scratch
[abs4@login2(viking) ~]$ ls
bin        Downloads    Music               Public   Templates  work
Desktop    easyconfigs  orig-slurm-configs  scratch  tmp
Documents  intel        Pictures            src      Videos
[abs4@login2(viking) ~]$ cd scratch/
[abs4@login2(viking) scratch]$ pwd
[abs4@login2(viking) scratch]$ ls
Amber       DynamicConvergenceMatrix  gnuplot  intel  Tensorflow  VASP
AmberBuild  gaussian                  gpu      slurm  Test        VASPBuid
[abs4@login2(viking) scratch]$ df -h .
Filesystem                             Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on  2.6P   47T  2.4P   2% /mnt/lustre
[abs4@login2(viking) scratch]$