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What is the wiki?

Welcome to the York Wiki Service. A wiki space is a collection of editable web pages that is built up over time by a team individuals or teams of people. A more detailed description of a wiki can be found on Wikipedia.

The York Wiki Service runs on the widely-used wiki platform 'Confluence' and is centrally managed by IT Services. Regular The wiki is secure and regular backups are taken.

The service is available for any Any member of staff to staff can create wiki spaces for themselves or their groups. Any member of staff can create a wiki space on behalf of a student. View access can also be granted to students. You can use a wiki to create documentation, develop content store information or share notes. One of the great features of a wiki is that it's quick and easy to add and change content. Wikis are often informal, and their structure can evolve rather than being designed from the beginning.

Each version of a wiki page is storedretained, so you can always see the history of a page and restore a previous version if required.

You'll need to think about who should be able to view and edit your wiki: you can make it public for the whole world to read or restrict pages to students, staff, or specific groups. See the Setting wiki permissions page for guidance. 

Have a browse through the Space directory (click on Spaces above) to see some existing examples of wikis.

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You can make your wiki public or restrict it to specific groups.

To get started, from the Dashboard log in with your University username and password.



You can see some basic statistics on how many times your wiki space has been viewed or edited by going to Space tools then Activity.

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These pages do not provide detailed instructions for working with the wiki, and nor do they cover everything that the wiki can do. Instead they are intended to give an overview of what the wiki is, how it can be used, and how to get started with it. Links to the relevant Confluence help pages have been provided where relevant.

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Getting started

For guidance an introduction on how to start creating and adding wiki create a wiki and add pages, see:

You might also find it useful to work through this exercise, which will introduce you to some of the basic techniques used when creating a wiki:


Enhancing your pages

Once you've created your pages, here are some additional suggestions on how you might to make your information look more appealing and easier to read:

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Where to find help or support

Some more features to try

Confluence has a wealth of features to explore. Here are just some of them: 


Top Tips


Setting wiki permissions

When you create a wiki you'll need to think about who should be able to view and edit your pages: you can make them public for the whole world to read or restrict them to students, staff, or specific groups. For further information, see:


Finding your way around

A few suggestions:

  • Click onImage AddedSave for laterat the top of the page to add that page to your list of favourites. To see your 'Saved for later' list, click on the login button at the top right.
  • You can 'watch' a page or a whole wiki space. Just click on watch Image Added Watchto keep updated of changes. You can also add other people's names here if you want them to watch your space.
  • To see the available keyboard shortcuts, click on the question mark Image Added Help at the top right.


to use

can the wiki be used for?


titlePeople often use wikis for
  • intranets
  • documentation and procedures
  • knowledge bases
    • project and meeting management, including agendas, minutes and work plans
    • documentation and procedures
    • knowledge bases
    • group collaboration on a particular subject
    • discussion and comments
    • personal notebooks

    Some examples

    Here are a couple of examples of how you might use the wiki to present information:

    For some examples of wikis at York, have a look at: 


    Making your wiki accessible 

    For guidance on how to make your wiki and documents accessible, see:


    Regulations and policies

    Wiki users are required to comply with the relevant University regulations and policies including


    Help and support

    For further information about using the wiki, see:

    If you need help, please contact:


    Please send any comments about this page to Lorraine Moor, Information Services,