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UG and MSc Project Ethics Forms and Useful Links
UG and MSc Project Ethics Forms and Useful Links

Internet testing

Recently with the advent of internet testing, opportunities now arise With online testing, it is possible to collect truly anonymous data. In those cases, GDPR might not apply. In other cases, however, data are collected that can identify the participants. We therefore still require use of a GDPR compliant adult information sheet for online studies (see the template above). Participants can give consent by ticking a box (see consent form template above). Therefore they will need to know what they will have to do, and in cases of questionnaires, what sorts of issues will be probed. This is particularly important if topics of a sensitive nature are to be addressed. For example, if the aim is to use the Beck Depression Inventory, then it needs to be made clear to participants before they start the survey that questions will be asked about their mood and that questions concerning suicidal tendencies will also be posed.

For (note that for student project work, a useful alternative to the BDI can be found via the following link:)

link to the CSD-D  

The general idea is that participants need to be given sufficient information about the testing that they can make an informed decision about whether to proceed or not. It should be made clear that in proceeding to the survey they are consenting to the testing. Participants need to be told that they should not engage with any testing which may adversely affect their emotional state.