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Telephone: 01904 32 3724


Academic Reps

It is so important that the student voice is listened to at every level so that everyone can have the best experience while at the University and Academic Reps are one of the ways this happens. All Academic Reps play a major role in developing a better university for students and work together to ensure that all students are equally represented.

Being an Academic Rep is an amazing opportunity to make a positive difference and develop some invaluable skills and experience! At YUSU there are three types of Academic Reps:

  • Course Reps act as the voice of their cohort and work with staff to make improvements to their course. By gathering student opinion, Course Reps become specialists in course-based issues, helping to identify and tackle problems that arise.
  • Department Reps take on a leadership role and support Course Reps to make positive change to the department as a whole. Department Reps are also invaluable contact at YUSU and take part in University-wide projects that improve the student experience.
  • Faculty Reps are undergraduate students that work behind the scenes ensuring that the student voice is heard at all levels. By sitting on high-level committees they influence University-wide decisions as well as pushing forward their own manifesto projects.