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Array jobs offer a mechanism for submitting and managing collections of identical jobs identical jobs (for instance for parameter sweeps, or a large number of input files), quickly and easily. Job arrays with millions thousands of tasks can be submitted in be submitted in milliseconds.  All All jobs must have the same initial options (e.g. size, time limit, etc.).


Job arrays are only supported for batch jobs and the array index values are specified using the --array or -a option of the sbatch command. The option argument can be specific array index values, a range of index values, and an optional step size as shown in the examples below. Note that the minimum index value is zero and the maximum value is a Slurm configuration parameter (MaxArraySize minus one, which is currently set to 4096 as seen in scontrol show conf).

Jobs which are part of a job array will have the environment variable SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_ID set to its array index value.