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  • Load the Viking software modules that you need to work with AtChem2. These are:
    • A Fortran compiler:

      Code Block
      titleLoading a Fortran Compiler
      module load toolchain/foss/2021b

    • git:

      Code Block
      titleLoading Git
      module load tools/git/2.3233.01-GCCcore-1011.32.0-nodocs

      (git is only needed for downloading AtChem2 source code, not for model compiling or running)

    • The SUNDIALS solving suite:

      Code Block
      titleLoading SUNDIALS
      module load math/SUNDIALS/2.7.0-foss-2021b

    • The OpenLibm maths library:

      Code Block
      titleLoading OpenLibm
      module load math/OpenLibm/0.8.1-GCC-11.2.0

  • Clone a copy of the AtChem2 source code:

    Code Block
    titleCloning the AtChem2 Repository
    git clone atchem2

  • Change directory into AtChem2:

    Code Block
    titleMoving Into AtChem2
    cd atchem2