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  • Can I make the space public?
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Yes. Spaces within this Wiki are not publicly accessible by default, but they can be made so by Space admins. Publicly viewable spaces are valuable in many scenarios where projects wish to share across organisation boundaries where information is added and kept up to date in a fluid and responsive way.

Please note that anonymous access should be restricted to viewing only. In particular anonymous users should not be able to post comments. This is to avoid automated comment spam defacing the site.

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  1. Unknown User (ac647)

    I need more instructions on how to make my space public.

    I am trying to make my space public - viewable off campus - but it seems not to have worked.
    I chose edit - browse - space admin - permissions 
    Under permissions I gave anonymous access to view, but I cannot see anything to choose whether people off campus can see the page. A user off-campus has reported that they cannot see my page.

    Thank you.

    1. Unknown User (apbl500)

      Dear Alice,

      Generally speaking the wiki should be accessible from off campus. Your comment has alerted us that it isn't currently.

      This is actually a fault that arose following recent service changes. It is easily remedied through an adjustment of our campus firewall rules. I have submitted a query with the right group in IT Services on your behalf and you will be informed when this is fixed. Once done your public wiki page should be accessible off campus.

      Thanks for reporting this!

      Best wishes,

      1. Unknown User (ac647)

        Dear Anthony,

        Thank you - I got a reply from ITS suggesting they thought the wiki was an internal resource so should require a login. I have responded with why I'd like a page that can be seen externally, but I haven't yet heard if they can approve that.

        Best wishes,