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If you have problems with your pages or can't work out how to do something, you can either email IT Support or you can post a question in the comments section below - a friendy fellow wiki user may be able to help you out.

Other sources of help:

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  1. Is there a way I can import basic HTML? I googled it a bit and found reference to an html macro, but noted that it is disabled by default and doesn't appear to work here so I guess is disabled on our instance too.

    In the end, I converted to mediawiki format using an online tool, then used the Atlassian Universal wiki converter (which is a Java app I had to install and run from a batch script) to convert that to Confluence wiki format, which didn't seem to work perfectly and I had to massage by hand in a text editor. It was quicker than typing it by hand, but that's a lot of steps for surely a very common need.

    Hopefully someone can point out the really obvious easy alternative to the way I did it!

    1. Unknown User (apbl500)

      Have you tried cutting and pasting formatted html from your web page into the rich text editor (in chrome)? The rich text editor loses many things but does make a reasaonable attempt to recode into wiki text.

      Here's the York homepage cut and pasted into a wiki page ... Test HTML import

  2. Hmm, I did try it and it didn't work. But I just tried it again and this time it did. Very odd!

    First time around I did the paste and it looked okay in the rich text view, but when I switched to 'wiki markup' view it looked all wrong and when I switched back to rich text it had all gone wrong there too. But this time around I just did the paste and pressed 'save' and it seems to have worked out okay (a tiny bit of editing required in wiki markup view to remove some style stuff that it's tried to preserve, but nothing big).

    Thanks for prompting me to try again - much better this way than the convoluted process I'd settled on!

  3. I''m having trouble setting up permissions?

    I've created a new space for our CPD System Project - most of this information should be viewable by anyone in the Uni but there is some information related to the procurement process which we legally have to restrict viewing of.

    I used the restrictions process described in the support pages (choosing tool> restrictions etc) but when I clicked save, the save button 'greyed' out, but then nothing more happened and the only way I could get out of the screen was to click cancel, which then lost all of the restrictions I'd inputted.

    I also tried going to the bottom of the 'procurement' page and clicking on edit next to 'restrictions' - this let me enter the restrictions, but when I clicked save I got an error which I didn't understand.

    Anyone know how I can sort this out?

    Thanks, Rebecca

    1. Unknown User (apbl500)

      Thanks for reporting this issue Rebecca. I can reproduce the problem easily enough. I have raised I with our suppliers and am hopeful of a fix soon.

      I must admit this had been reported previously but efforts to resolve the issue had stalled. I thought there was a workaround, but there isn't. Apologies for that.

      This is a key feature of the wiki and so I will push for this to be sorted out quickly.

  4. Unknown User (jb533)

    Help!  What's the difference between Permissions and Restrictions please?  Is it just 2 different ways of achieving the same thing?

    1. Unknown User (apbl500)

      Thanks for your question. Permissions are space-wide, whereas restrictions are for individuals pages. See a fuller quote from the help doc (linked) below:

      Every space has its own independent set of permissions. These permissions determine the access settings for different users of the space. In order to assign these permissions to other users, a user must be a space administrator i.e. must have the 'Admin' permission for that space. See Users and Groups to learn how these permissions are assigned.

      You can set page-level restrictions, if you have the 'Restrict Pages' permission within the space concerned. Page restrictions allow you to control who can view or edit individual pages. To set page restrictions, edit the page and use the page restriction options below the text-entry box.

  5. Hello.  I want to search within our Customer Services pages for comments.  Is this possible?  I'm not sure what sort of user types there are (as assume this may affect the ability to do this, if it's even possible), but I have permission to edit pages.

  6. Doesn't "Watch" do it? This a test comment. 


  7. Oh hang on. I may have the wrong end of the stick.

  8. I think I've done it using a "Search" macro... and searching for " " + type=comment + in this space 

    See the top of this page! Then maybe create a page in your space called "All comments" and insert a macro, find the Search one and do like I did.


    1. Unknown User (jjl500)

      Hello, to bring this thread back from the vaults... is there a way to either display more than ten search results or filter them to exclude the most recent dates?

      We want to use this macro to find and delete old comments that have been dealt with , but the search macro only displays the ten most recent results, there is a filter by date option but only to filter out older results... so it's no use, unless I'm missing something?