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The RAD2022 Poster Competition

The winner of the RAD2022 Poster Competition is Jack Stenning for his poster ‘Exploring estrogen receptor heterogeneity in breast cancer using ‘Calling Cards’ (Jack Stenning, Andrew Holding, David Kent and Simon Baker).

The following posters were also commended -

Dr Cecile Crosnier ‘Investigating host:parasite interactions using a library of recombinant Schistosoma mansoni proteins’ (Nicole Müller-Sienerth, Jarrod Shilts, Gavin J. Wright and Cécile Crosnier)

Alina Capatina ‘Na+ transport: a novel immune checkpoint regulator in breast cancer’ (Alina L. Capatina, Mia A. Shandell, Samantha M. Lawrence, William J. Brackenbury, Dimitris Lagos)

Tsz Kam Kwok (Christine) ‘The role of two putative Ca2+ transporters in the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii CO2-concentrating mechanism’ (Tsz Kam Kwok, Gareth Evans, Luke Mackinder)

Cristina Viola ‘Towards the structural characterisation of an immunoregulatory interaction in Plasmodium vivax malaria’ (Cristina M. Viola, Cécile Crosnier, Jarrod Shilts, Gavin J. Wright)

Athena SWAN Gold Award 2019

The Department was awarded an Athena SWAN silver award in 2006. In 2014, it was awarded Gold, the first Biology Department in the UK to reach this level. In 2019, the Department was granted an Athena SWAN Gold award for a further four years, which is a huge achievement.

The Athena SWAN Charter was established in 2005 to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) employment in higher education and research. 

In May 2015 the charter was expanded to recognise work undertaken in arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law, and in professional and support roles, as well as for trans staff and students. The charter now recognises work undertaken to address gender equality more broadly, and not just barriers to progression that affect women.

The award recognises our strong commitment to the advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all. We strive to ensure that there are no barriers to our staff and students reaching their goals, and we are committed to promoting, celebrating and raising awareness of equality and diversity issues in the widest sense across the department and beyond. 

For the latest up-to-date news and upcoming events, please see Biology's gender equality web page.

We have been collecting career trees for some of our staff to demonstrate that careers are often not linear these can be found here Staff Career Trees

Green Impact Awards

Green Impact Awards 2021/22

TeamAwardTeam members

Keeping L1 Green

Labs Bronze Laura Clark, Christoph Baumann, Michelle Rudden, Clément Degut, Reyme Herman, Konstantinos Drousiotis, Michael Hodgkinson, Alex Scott
M2 LabLab PlatinumKatrin Beßer, Rachael Hallam and Janina Hoßbach, Antonia Feilden

Biology Teaching Lab Technicians (BTL Technicians)

Lab PlatinumNicola Charlton, Jen Dyson, Sam Farrell, Deb Malley, Subedar Pandey, Nikki Savvas,Theresa Spayne.  Abi Atherton

Imaging and Cytometry Lab, Bioscience Facility

Lab GoldClare Steele King, Rosalin Brolly (Green Impact Project Assistant), Grant Calder, Karen Hogg, Karen Hodgkinson, Jo Marrison, Peter O'Toole,  Graeme Park
Biology DMT HubOffice PlatinumGemma Jacques, Claire Hughes, Gelayol Holme, Angela Lipscomb, Victoria Ott, Louise Simpson

Biology Phase 2, University of York - William Saunders

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