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Here's an example of what a 'How do I ...?' page might look like. This one is a quick reference guide for staff on how to do and find things. You could include a child page similar to this in your departmental wiki, with live links to other pages or relevant information elsewhere.

Book something

  • Book a place on a course or conference 
  • Book a meeting room  
  • Book catering for visitors or events
  • Book something else ...


  • Find out who's who in the department
  • View the organisation charts

Take time off

  • Report in sick
  • Book leave 

Calendar and email

  • Set permissions on your Google Calendar 
  • Departmental Visitors & Events calendar
  • Set up an email signature

Teams, groups, meetings, events

  • Set up a Google group
  • Organise and run a meeting

Arrange travel and accommodation

  • Book travel or accommodation arrangements
  • Arrange travel insurance
  • Become an authorised driver
  • Arrange parking for visitors

Buy something

  • Purchase items  
  • Petty cash  

Money matters

  • Claim expenses
  • Pay for personal items

Stationery and printing

  • Get stationery 
  • Get something printed
  • Laminate notices or posters

Comms and marketing

  • Put something into the departmental newsletter

Keep healthy and safe

  • Report a building fault or problem
  • Report an accident, incident or near-miss
  • Get an eye test voucher

Find a form

  • Forms Bank

Find out about ...

  • Staffing policies and guidelines
  • Departmental projects

Enliven your wiki pages!

  • Wiki Hints & Tips

Any queries? Please contact ....

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