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User Management is only available to specific Admin staff with rights to Add, Edit, and Deactivate Users.

When logged in, you (Admin) will be able to see the User option in the middle of the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

If your screen is minimised, you may only see the menu button which looks like this:  Click on the menu to reveal the options.

The User Management screen will display a list of all users registered in the system. Each User will have an Email Address, YTU User Group, Admin Status, and the option for Edit.

You can use the filter arrows to order the columns by alphabetical order ascending or descending. There is also a free text search box where you can input any text you would like to search by.

The Add New User button in the top right is where you can add new users that need access to the SOPs Documents.

A new User requires input of a valid email address (University assigned Google email address), an Employee Role Type (e.g. Data Administrator, Statistician, etc.), and a SOP Manager User Role – User or Admin.

The role of ‘User’ only allows the User to view their SOPs record; Mark as Read for relevant SOPS; View and Remove SOPs Documents; and Add additional training details.
Admin role allows the User to Add New Users, Edit and Deactivate Users, Upload New Documents, Edit and Archive Documents.
They can also reactivate Users and Documents (function to be added to next phase of Document Manager section).

Once a User has been added to the system, it is possible to Edit the Employee Role Type and the SOP Manager User Role if this has changed or been added incorrectly.
You must Save to complete the Add New User action.

In the Edit User Credentials, you can also see that there is an option to ‘Deactivate User’. This will disable the User’s account and prevent them from logging in to the system.

When a User has been deactivated, their status will appear greyed-out.

You can reactive the User by clicking on the Edit button and on the Edit User Credentials screen you will see an option to reactivate their account.

To do this, you need to select a SOP Manager User Role, which you will see is currently empty.

The only other User type is a Visitor. Visitors will be given a shared password and login that is created by the designated Admin for allowing Users to access the SOPs Management System.
The Change Password option is found next to the Visitor YTU User Group.

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