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Aim of the scheme

"Future Leaders Fellowships will grow the strong supply of talented individuals needed to ensure a vibrant environment for research and innovation in the UK. The scheme is open to researchers and innovators from across business, universities, and other organisations. We welcome applicants from around the world.

Investment of up to £1.5 million over four years, with the ability to extend to up to seven years, will enable the next generation to benefit from outstanding support to develop their careers, and to work on difficult and novel challenges.

We want to fund the best fellows no matter what their background. The Future Leaders Fellowships scheme has been developed with unprecedented levels of flexibility to support applicants from a wide range of experiences, disciplines and sectors."



The University will likely make announcements on the schedule for Round 6 in late summer/early Autumn 2020 

Frequently Asked Questions


Who to contact

Your Department's Research Support Office:

University Fellowship Coordinator: Annabel Jenkins (

Further information
  • There are 6 rounds of the FLF, with deadlines twice a year
  • The 6th and final round will have deadlines in Autumn 2020
  • The University is limited in the number of proposals that it can submit – there is therefore an internal University demand management process on proposals
University processes

The University will likely make announcements on the schedule for Round 6 in late summer/early Autumn 2020.

For information, the communication about the process and timescales of the previous round (Round 5) are included below.

The Scheme: This is the fifth round of the Future Leaders Fellowships Scheme

N.B. Due to the recent establishment of the Fellowship Coordination Committee and the availability of University funds to support these applications, there is an additional, short form to fill out (attachment and details below). 

The UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) will grow the strong supply of talented individuals needed to ensure that UK research and innovation continues to be world class. This cross-UK Research and Innovation scheme will support early career researchers and innovators with outstanding potential in universities, UK registered businesses, and other research environments. The support offered will be long-term and flexible, providing a comprehensive package, including the Fellow's salary and justified research, staff and training costs. Seven years of support is available, employing a four year + three year model, with an external review in year four. This is the fifth of six calls for these Fellowships; two calls per year between 2018/19 and 2020/21 (UKRI financial years). 100 Fellowships will be awarded in this round and full details of the UKRI FLF are available here.

The University of York process (see key dates below):

  • Both internal and external candidates are eligible to apply for these prestigious Fellowships, and will be supported equitably through the application process. Departments will be responsible for selecting one candidate (internal or external) to progress to University level quality assessment, where candidates with outstanding potential will be identified. Under exceptional circumstances, and with prior approval by the UoY FLF Management Group, departments may nominate two candidates. Departments have until Wednesday 12th February 2020 to nominate their candidate and may organise this selection process as they see fit. Earlier submission to the FLF Management Group is encouraged and the names of nominated candidates should be sent by the DRC Chair via email to;

  • Nominated Departmental candidates will be required to complete this Google Form ahead of University level internal assessment. This Google Form mirrors the current UKRI EoI and will facilitate smooth information transfer from the candidate to UKRI systems once the selection process is complete.  In addition, a full up-to-date academic CV with complete publication list must also be submitted to by 12th February 2020;

  • Nominated Departmental candidates will then be assessed by the FLF Management Group, (Pro VC-Research, Associate Deans (Research) plus additional disciplinary co-opted members as required);

  • All exceptional candidates will be given the required institutional approval to progress their applications. EoIs must be submitted by the candidate to UKRI in April (final dates to be announced). Applicants will be responsible for submitting their individual full applications using JeS in May 2020 (final dates to be announced);

  • In addition, for rounds 5 and 6, the applicants are expected to fill in a short form (reusing much of their EOI information) but which should also include financial information. This form (attached) will be considered by the Fellowship Co-ordination Committee, in parallel with the FLF internal selection panel, for central University of York financial support of any successful FLF application. This form should be submitted alongside the Google form by 12th February 2020 to

Key dates:



Notification of UoY process and dissemination to Departments

w/c 13th January 2020

Candidate nomination by Departments.  DRC Chair email to Catherine Hardman; Google Form and CVs to be submitted by applicant, also to Catherine Hardman. 

12th February 2020

Review by Management Group

w/c 24th February 2020

Notification of candidates

w/c 2nd March 2020

External UKRI EoI deadline

to be announced (we assume April)

External full application deadline 

to be announced (we assume May)

The University will likely make announcements on the schedule for Round 6 in late summer/early Autumn 2020 

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