Funding: Grade 6.1 (£33,309)
Academic year: 2022/23
Eligibility: Open to students from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam who have received their PhD within 3 years of applying (see Fellowships webpage for specific eligibility criteria)
Application Deadline: Sunday 10 April, 2022, 11:59pm BST
For more details, contact Vaughan McKee, Global Partnerships Officer (, and check out the Fellowships webpage.

Further details: This year the British Council has allocated four Early Academic Fellowship Grants for women that have recently been awarded their PhD (0 to 3 years postdoctoral) and wish to have a research experience at a UK university or research institution, convert their doctoral work into publications or other academic outputs, and establish new research relationships.

The gender gap in STEM is well documented. Not only do women make up a fraction of the workforce and research teams in STEM, they are published less, paid less and are less likely than their male counterparts to reach positions of leadership, despite being proven to be on average 8 per cent more productive.

The British Council Women in STEM Academic Fellowship Programme will:

  • significantly increase the number of opportunities for women from the eligible countries in 2022/23 academic year
  • increase research partnership opportunities for women in East Asia with the UK
  • ensure fellow selection will be based on an individual’s academic potential and demonstrated case for financial support. We will be particularly encouraging of women whose identities include multiple intersecting factors, including race, class, and religion, and women who are mothers
  • provide the selected fellows with a foundation to launch their careers in higher education and research in their home country
  • enable individuals to promote and enhance science and innovation in their home country through their exposure to the expertise in the UK’s renowned STEM research sector
  • ensure fellows create strong and lasting connections with the UK through active engagement in the alumni network, directly contributing towards/supporting the success of this programme in future iterations of the Fellowship
  • provide a platform for the countries included in this call and the UK to work together to address the significant challenge of the gender gap in STEM.

This call seeks proposals from Fellows, with a focus on the following programme areas:

  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Climate Change, Environment and Risk Reduction
  • Energy Transition
  • Agriculture
  • Industry 4.0/Digital Transformation

Please consider that the programmes selected should meet the spirit of ODA, with the potential to focus on outcomes that promote the long-term sustainable growth of countries on the OECD DAC list (all countries included in this call are on the DAC list).

We have four participating Departments:

We strongly encourage all candidates to contact their host supervisor to discuss their project. 

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