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Data Access Groups are created with a group of users who have access to certain project records, for example projects including many sites or many people working on it, then a DAG may be appropriate so that all those users involved can access the records assigned to their group, but are blinded to all other data. If a DAG user runs a report, these will include their group records only.

Here you can create groups and assign users. To create a Data Access Group, go to the User Rights application (next to DAGS in the main menu) and then click on the “Data Access Groups”
tab as below;

When you click on Data Access Groups you will see the page below;

To create a group enter the group name and select ‘Add Group.’
The Group Name will then appear in the Data Access Groups table (see above image).

You can then assign users by entering the users name in to drop down box and assigning them to the relevant project, again selecting this from the drop down. To assign a user to a DAG they must already be an existing user. If they are not an existing user they can be added through the 'User Rights' tool as usual.

An unassigned user has access to all records across all DAG. They are able to create and modify DAG.

It is very important to assign users to a DAG before they begin entering data to ensure records are assigned to the correct DAG.

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