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  • How can I check who can see content?
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If you created the space, you can check and change who can see content:

  • go to the space
  • in the Browse menu, choose Space Admin
  • choose Permissions
  • enter your password again
  • review the group and user permissions

If you didn't create the space and want to restrict access to a page:

  • go to the space
  • in the Browse menu, choose Advanced
  • the Created By link will give you the name and profile of the person who created the space
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  1. Who can see a space shouldn't be just for admins btw ( or tucked away) . It's a core collaborative feature, that should be "at a glance" understandable by anyone... Without this, people are inhibited to create

  2. Unknown User (apbl500)

    Agree. But sadly Confluence doesn't make this easy.

    All I can suggest is that space owners should display who can see content on their dashboards/pages and "keep them up to date" (famous last words!)