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  • How do I flag inappropriate content?
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Many people can edit wiki pages, which means it's easy to collaborate and improve content. Sometimes though some inappropriate content may be posted, either deliberately or by accident. Since content isn't moderated, if you discover inappropriate content you can tell us about it and we'll look at improving or removing the content.

What's inappropriate content?

Different people have different opinions on what's acceptable to post in public, but in general we may want to review content which contains:

  • illegally obtained material
  • copyrighted material without permission
  • sexual content and profanity
  • content which affects academic integrity, such as cheating or plagiarism
  • personal attacks on individuals

How to tell us

Contact IT Support and give us the URL (the line in your address bar starting and a short description of why you're reporting the page.

In a future release we'll be making this easier by adding a 'Report This' link at the bottom of each page.

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