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What's a wiki?

A wiki is a set of web pages that's easily editable by anyone (or a group of people you can specify). Instead of creating individual files in Dreamweaver or the content management system, you can just click 'Add Page' in the wiki, give your page a name, and start entering content.

Why use a wiki?

As wikis are quick and easy to edit, they can be useful for:

  • making quick notes to review and refine later
  • sketching out ideas for a document with a group of colleagues
  • sharing and commenting on content

Wikis have flexible access control, so you can:

  • make your wiki public to the whole world to read
  • restrict pages to students or staff
  • restrict pages to specific user groups

Wikis also keep histories of all changes made, so you can:

  • revert to a previous version
  • see what changes your colleagues have made

You can search across the entire wiki, making it useful as:

  • a knowledge base to store technical documentation
  • an intranet to store your team's process documentation and plans

The wiki is also hosted by the University of York, so you may want to use it:

  • if your work is particularly sensitive and can't be held with a third-party such as Google. If you aren't sure where you should store such work, always discuss this with the Information Directorate first

Why not use a wiki?

You might not want to use a wiki if:

  • you need fine control of document formatting, particularly for printing - Google Docs or Word is a better solution
  • you are publishing core information on the web about your department or team - you should use the content management system for more 'official' content
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