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Colleagues from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York discuss what open research practice means for the Arts and Humanities

The White Rose Universities are committed to fostering a culture of open research amongst their academic communities, based on the principle that any aspect of the research cycle can be shared freely and made available for reuse by anyone in the world. How this principle applies to research practices and publication in the Arts and Humanities is a key area for discussion, and this event provides a unique opportunity to hear views, perceptions and ideas from a range of practitioners representing a variety of disciplines and career stages.

Programme and links to slides

  • Host: Prof Jonathan Finch (Deputy Director of the Humanities Research Centre, York)
  • Session 1: What open data means for Arts and Humanities
    • Dr Tim Evans (Deputy Director of the Archaeology Data Service, Department of Archaeology, York) - Slides (PPT) 
    • Dr Scott McLaughlin (Lecturer, School of Music, Leeds) - Slides (PPT)
    • Yi Liu (Research Student, School of English, Sheffield) - Slides (PPT)
    • Q&A
  • Session 2: Open access monograph publication for Arts and Humanities
    • Kate Petherbridge (White Rose Libraries Executive Manager) - Slides (PDF)
    • Dr Dorottya Tamás (Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Leeds) - Slides (PPT)
    • Prof Renee Timmers (Faculty Director of Research and Innovation, Department of Music, Sheffield)
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