Academic integrity represents a set of values and behaviours which members of the academic community abide by. To be a trusted member of this academic community you must understand and demonstrate academic integrity in your studies and the work you produce. Such values include honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.

You are required to successfully complete the University Online Academic Integrity Tutorial within your first year, preferably within your first term to progress smoothly onto your next term (i.e. receive 100% on the three tests included in the tutorial). The tutorial can be found on the VLE; more information is available on

This module will take you through key principles around integrity and how to avoid things like plagiarism and collusion.  If you have any questions about referencing, using sources or academic integrity in general, you can contact or ask your supervisor.

The department’s chosen referencing method is APA Style.

If you do not uphold the values and conventions of academic integrity and conform, you may be subject to the University’s academic misconduct procedures.

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