Click on the links below for more detail on the recruitment services we provide to DECS:

We will work with you to create and finalise a job description and advert for your post. As a starting point for new posts, the Jobs Library provides details of agreed generic roles.  Alternatively, we can assist in guiding you through the process of creating a new role and in getting it evaluated.

To allow us to proceed with your recruitment we will need you to complete a Recruitment and People Change Action Request form which will need to be signed off by the Head of your section, Director of Section and Director of Technology, Estates & Facilities. We are happy to help with the completion of your authorisation request. Once this is fully authorised we can then progress your recruitment.

Our team will then liaise with both Finance and HR to obtain the final and overall approvals.  We will then submit the relevant forms and templates on your behalf so that your recruitment will be progressed.

The DTEF Services team will arrange the shortlisting meeting for you, booking a room or arranging a video link where necessary. Once your job advert closes we will via email, provide all of the information and documents that you will need to carry out the shortlisting. Our information pack to you will include:

  • A shortlisting form, populated with all of the essential criteria for the role and the names of the applicants. This will allow you to document the shortlisting process appropriately.
  • A copy of the application forms of all of the applicants.
  • A copy of the Job Description.
  • An interview form. You will need to fill this in providing details of what format and length you wish the interviews to be.

Upon completion of shortlisting, you should return the completed shortlisting and interview forms to the DTEF Services team.

Our team will provide a comprehensive service to guide you through the interview process.

We will coordinate the interview panel, book relevant rooms and provide all of your interview paperwork. You will need to ensure that interview questions are provided to us in advance of the interviews.

Further detail of our role can be found in Recruitment Procedure AS003 - General (G3 and over)

Once the official offer of appointment has been accepted by your candidate, our team will send you an onboarding e-mail prior to your new starter commencing work. This will contain a copy of the offer letter, details of induction, their IT user ID and set up instructions along with other information which you may need to get them started.

It is the responsibility of their manager to ensure that your new starter is fully inducted, however, we can provide support and assistance with this process. For appointments at Grade 6 or above, and in particular, for senior appointments we will assist on a one to one basis to ensure the on-boarding and induction is completed in a helpful and timely manner.  For all appointments, we will provide a link to the DTEF induction template with your onboarding e-mail (as detailed above) which includes everything that is needed to carry out the induction.

Your new starter will be under probation for the first six (grades 1-5) or nine (grade 6 and over) months of their employment. Our team will provide you with reminders prior to your new starter reaching three, six and nine (where relevant) months with details of what is required and relevant links to the support staff probation forms.