It scans your calendar for the#autoReplyOn tag and sets your out-of-office.

Caveat emptor 

  1. As of 11-02-2020 - even if you're only out-of-office for three hours AutoReply will still produce a message saying you're back the next day (not saying you're back in three hours).
  2. You can still turn your out-of-office on whenever you like, manually.
  3. I cannot guarantee that we won't reach the University's/Google's limit on how many times we run this script before they close it or bill me.
  4. Your out-of-office subject will be set to: Out of office until {date}
  5. Your out-of-office messages will include the message you already have set and append the line I am out of the office until {date} to the top. It will also update this line when necessary with a different date.
  6. Remember to include the weekend in your holiday, AutoReply reports you'll be back the day after your holiday. So if you're not back until Monday, Saturday and Sunday need to be included in your leave.


  2. Over on far right

  4.  Make Add Title  = Test Holiday  //or any name you like
  5. Put #autoreplyOn as text in Description.
  6. Wait just over 1 minute
  8. Ta-dah!

  10. // or any time of day - it doesn't matter.
  11. Don't forget to delete the test event on your calendar.
  12. And switch your out-of-office off.

Finished - always add #autoReplyOn to the description of any event where you want AutoReply to be automatically triggered.