DPA (2018) & GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in the UK from 25th May 2018. They are implemented alongside the Data Protection Act 2018 and both set out the data protection framework within the UK. 

When the AV team are requested to provide filming and recording services in person, the specific photography and video Privacy Notice attached at the end of this page, must be made available to attendees.

It should be amended by the event organizer and then made available to the AV Centre and attendees during the event - for example to have available to read at the Registration Desk..

The Privacy Notice informs individuals what purpose the images or videos will be used for, and that images and videos must not be used for other purposes.

The Privacy Notice should be used in addition to visible posters for any event where filming has been requested. These posters must confirm that filming is taking place, what the purpose of the filming is, and how to opt out of being photographed or filmed.
Prior notice of filming must be given to event attendees. This can be done in a number of ways including via email, printed documents and/or University webpages.

The University provides standard wording and further information or you can amend the Privacy Notice attached at the bottom of this page.

Arrangements should be made by the event organiser to procure all relevant permissions, copyright approval etc. and the wishes of individuals should be provided to camera operators or the AV Centre before the filming takes place, ideally in writing.

An easy way to identify individuals on the day itself who have opted out of photography and video is through the provision of coloured lanyards to individuals . This will enable camera operators to identify them and avoid including them in shots.

On the day the AV Centre staff (photographer/videographer) will be identifiable via a black shirt with the embroidered Audio Visual logo or an armband. Individuals can approach them to request that they not be filmed or photographed.

Anyone filmed can request their image/data is not used after the event - this approach should be made to the designated event organiser. If you are unsure how this will affect your event, please contact the Information Governance team for advice, at dataprotection@york.ac.uk.

AV Centre process for securing data

Filmed in-person:

Recorded via Zoom (online web conferencing):

Further information regarding GDPR is available on the University Data Protection webpages, or by contacting the University's Information Governance Officer at dataprotection@york.ac.uk, and from the Information Commissioners Office.

Downloadable Privacy Notice for Filming & Photography:

The sections in red should be amended by the event organiser to be relevant to the event.