Audio Visual will continue to loan equipment with additional safeguards in place to ensure that the risk of contamination is minimised.

Below is an outline of our additional processes that we have put in place to supplement our standard SLA

To make a booking request:

Use the online form in the usual way.

Alternatively if your request is more involved or you are requesting a large number of items, it may be advisable to email us at so that we can advise if there are any further restrictions or shortages etc.

Additional safeguards we have put in place:

All available loan stock is stored in a ‘clean’ area where no returned equipment is stored until it is out of quarantine.

Any loan equipment returned to AV will be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours. 

Cases and equipment will be handled with gloves and surfaces will be cleaned with disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes before the equipment is left in a separate storage area away from all other equipment.

Cases will be marked with the time and date of return.

All deliveries will be made to designated areas which the customer must specify at the time of booking (e.g. a reception area or specific room)

Collections from the workshop should be at a designated or agreed time. No more than 4 people are allowed in our workshop at any time, therefore we would ask you to wait outside until entry is allowed.

Equipment which is taken out of quarantine and available for loan is sealed within it’s case and marked accordingly.

Special considerations you should be aware of:


At times there may be high demand for certain items e.g. webcams & basic video cameras. While we may allow some of these bookings, we may make a judgement on the duration and quantity allowed, based on the fact that there will need to be a period after the return of 72 hours before any of the items are available for other users.

This would restrict availability for other users so we will try to balance the needs of all our customers for any loan request which is for a large number of items, or a long term loan.

Your responsibilities to maintain distancing and minimise contamination:

When collecting or receiving loan equipment we would request that an appropriate minimum distance of 2 metres is maintained. 

A face covering should be worn within our workshop at all times as outlined in the University Policy.

All equipment sealed inside cases should not require cleaning and you must not use water based or liquid cleaning products on any electrical items. If you are concerned about contamination on the surface of any item, you should handle it wearing gloves.

All users remain responsible for care and safety when using equipment borrowed from Audio Visual - our standard terms apply and any damage caused by using inappropriate cleaning products will result in Audio Visual seeking reimbursement for a replacement.

Policy Use of Face Coverings (VS3.1 - Sep 20)